Hi! My nickname is MandiMSJ and I am a digital and traditional artist!

I am also a beginner website developer, game developer and character designer!

In the past I have tried making music...

and that did not went well.


How I said, I am a digital and traditional artist.

Drawing and sketching is my hobby and passion.

I have been drawing more seriously since 2016.

During that time, my skills has improved

Also, I like to make bunch of characters.

More of my artworks are here.


Besides doing art, I am also a beginner coder!

I know the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

I am also an indie game developer.

I am mostly making my games in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

More of my projects are here.

About Me

I am still in high school (technical school).

My primary language is Polish but I am pretty advanced with English too.

You can contact me using this email